1998 Prize of the Valencian Federation of Entrepreneurs of the Construction to Vaseco, S.L. For its applied quality.
2007 Recognition of the Valencian Federation of Construction Business Owners a Vaseco, S.L. For its project of implantation of Social Responsibility in its organization.
2009 Recognition of the Local Government Board of the City of Valencia to Vaseco, S.L. For his candidacy for the convening of the second edition of the CONCILIA-TE Award.
2009 Recognition of Bancaja and Polytechnic University of Valencia, for the collaboration in the formation of students through educational cooperations.
2011 Award received by Economy magazine 3 a Vaseco, S.L. As an example of Valencian company that undertakes the diversification of works, in the Construction Sector.
2012 Recognition in online magazine of Valencia plaza to Vaseco S.L for its measures of mentalization and modification of its organization chart focused on the search of foreign business.
2014 Recognition of the College El Pilar Valencia to Vaseco, S.L. Thanking the collaboration of disinterested way in its section and in the dedication of the company by the sport of the school.


ISO 9001 Certificate
Quality Management System

ISO 14001 Certificate
Environmental Management System


VALENCIAN SOCIETY OF SERVICES TO THE CONSTRUCTION S.L. (VASECO), faithful to its commitment to our customers, to the environment and our workers, and aware of the importance of continuous improvement in the efficiency of our processes, establishes the following Principles that make up our Policy:

  • Customer Satisfaction, meeting the requirements offered to customers, responding to the requirements and deadlines committed, consolidating confidence in VASECO.
  • To comply with the requirements of our clients, as well as the regulatory and legal requirements applicable to our activity and other requirements voluntarily subscribed by VASECO.
  • It is a fundamental commitment of VASECO to integrate the prevention of occupational risks in all its actions and decisions, and to assume at the level of all the hierarchical lines said commitment.
  • Minimize the environmental impact during the execution of our activities and prevent pollution, analyzing the environmental impact of each new project.
  • Encourage the awareness of collaborating companies, clients and all the personnel that integrate our organization, both in aspects of quality assurance, as well as aspects of risk minimization and control of environmental aspects.
  • On a constructive level, we are committed to a differentiation in the market based on: (a) Guarantee of work well executed; (b) Commitment to sustainability in the area of ​​energy efficiency, implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility measures as the promotion of local contracting.
  • Continuous improvement, as a commitment, providing the necessary resources to achieve the goals and targets established, as well as to review them.