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Works in housing, work offices, commercial premises and sanitary.


Works of single-family homes, educational centers, sports centers.


Historical heritage, structure and foundation, facades and medianeras, roofs and roofs.


Substations, housing developments.


Dams, riverbed maintenance, nuclear power plants, coffee shops, hotels.


For Vaseco the works of interior habilitation are a challenge, since it is a question of carrying out works in short periods of time, in small areas and with a mentality of the importance of the cost and scope as well as the planning, development and coordination of the Works for your good end.

From its beginnings, Vaseco. S.L, has worked in this type of works, developing housing reforms for the private sector, where our projects start from an idea, creating interior spaces according to the decoration that the client chooses.

In addition, Vaseco. S.L. Has made abundant work spaces and commercial premises, being sensitive to the importance of the appropriate characteristics of the same for the welfare of all that work there, so that, in turn, there is an environment that facilitates creativity, innovation And ultimately, the job well done.

VASECO has also worked on complex building reforms, such as a hospital where not only current needs are assessed, but also respect for patients and healthcare professionals as well as future needs, all of which are basic for the completion of works.


The main activity of VASECO has focused on the execution of single-family houses, residential buildings, educational centers and sports complexes.

We help design and build single-family homes by advising the client, streamlining the design process and facilitating ideas about what they want to build in their new home.

With regard to educational centers, VASECO has played an important role in the Valencian Community, building schools that provide feelings of belonging and integration and that reflect emotions and influence the mood, promote development, social skills and learning the students.

Sports centers, on the other hand, require a high degree of specialization, offering to the client the perfect finishing of the facilities made, applying the latest technologies existing in the market and maintaining an attractive aesthetic for the user.


The architectural and cultural heritage is part of our identity, our common values ​​and principles. It is our duty to recover the goods of cultural interest so that future generations can enjoy it.

The experience of Vaseco S.L. In the area of ​​rehabilitation is broad to carry from its beginnings executing this type of works, both for the public and private sector.

Rehabilitation encompasses a variety of activities. Our technical staff advises the client on the most convenient maintenance to the type of property and activity that is intended to be developed adjusting the service to the needs and scope required by the user and providing solutions and knowledge throughout the intervention process.

In this type of actions are usually economic limitations that turn out to be an obstacle to solve them. The objective of the company is to find a balance between the finished product and the final cost of the same.

Civil work

Civil construction is characterized by a high degree of complexity and works of great importance. The objective is to generate a concrete benefit for the organization of a territory and to improve the quality of life of the community.

Basically, the works carried out by Vaseco S.L. have been electrical substations, designed to establish adequate voltage levels for the transmission of energy. Its function is to transform the voltage of the networks by reducing it from high to low voltages. These have different sizes depending on the voltage to be transformed.

Special Works

The complexity of projects in which we have participated has led us to grow by offering, with more than 29 years of experience in the sector, the capacity and knowledge necessary to undertake any project or constructive work.

That is why VASECO also carries out constructive activities with particular characteristics, both major works and minor interventions.

We enrich the difficult challenges that lead us to go a little further.

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